Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Fabelle Ruby Gianduja in Kolkata

Gift Fabelle Ruby Gianduja, India’s 1st Ruby Chocolate on this Valentine’s Day

ITC Fabelle is India’s first chocolate brand to introduce Ruby chocolate in the country

Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates, has introduced Fabelle Ruby Gianduja; India’s first Ruby Chocolate, for gifting on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This gift for the beloved comes in an innovative, personalized gift box wrapped in a photo sleeve with images of your loved one. Consumers can log on to the website www.itcstore.in/fabelle/valentinesday to order a box of Ruby Gianduja with personalized photo sleeve.  Furthermore, consumers can create a unique picture collage in video format that can be developed on Fabelle’s micro site and also take a unique Love-of-a-Kind compatibility test with your loved one.


Fabelle is India’s first chocolate brand to introduce Ruby chocolate in the country. The box of 12 cubes of Fabelle Ruby Gianduja is priced at Rs. 1295 along with a minuscule charge for the personalization. It is available across Fabelle Chocolate Boutiques at select ITC Hotels in India including Kolkata, from February 1st, 2019 onwards and customers can choose their delivery date between 13th to 20th February. Orders can also be conveniently placed through ITC’s e-commerce portal at www.itcstore.in/fabelle/valentinesday and delivery date can be chosen by the guest.

This differentiated and first-of-its-kind gift crafted by Fabelle is made from Ruby chocolate, the fourth variety of chocolate, discovered 80 years after White, Milk and Dark chocolate. Ruby chocolates are made of a unique cocoa bean which is processed in a differentiated manner, have a natural Ruby colour and a mild fruity chocolate taste. Gianduja is an Italian delicacy from the Napolean era and Fabelle has recreated Gianduja by using Ruby chocolate, infused with rich hazelnut paste for a multi taste chocolate experience.

Ruby Gianduja is handcrafted by expert chocolatiers in ITC’s state-of-the art manufacturing factory in Bengaluru. Each chocolate is individually gift wrapped and then packed in a specially designed ruby colored tin boxes which exudes a regal panache. Fabelle is India’s first chocolate brand to introduce Ruby chocolate in the country and has elevated the Indian chocolate segment by taking it to newer heights through unparalleled offerings and mass personalization, given its institutional strengths.

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