Celebrate Festivity with ROXX Stylocook’s Newly Launched Nonstick Cookware Range


ROXX the leading brand in the Indian tabletop market and a lifestyle brand by East Coast Distributors Pvt. Ltd. (ECD). The brand under the successful leadership of Mr. Abhinav Agarwal, Managing Director has unveiled ROXX Stylocook series of Nonstick Cookware for this Durga Puja and Diwali to add to the spirit of celebration. The newly launched Roxx Stylocook is available in various models like Karbinox Carbon Steel, Pinnacle Die Cast and Endura Concord Series Forged Aluminum Non Stick Cookware Series.

  • Karbinox Carbon Steel Non Stick Cookware: Choosing a perfect cookware for your smart kitchen now is not so impossible as Roxx Stylocook introduces Karbinox Carbon Steel Non Stick Cookware, a cross between cast iron and stainless steel. With natural materials like cast iron and stainless steel making, it provides excellent options for all the homemakers who wants a multipurpose cookware and is looking for a healthier lifestyle. Karbinox Carbon steel cookware is light enough to pick up easily even when it is full of food. This energy efficient cookware is made of tough metal which takes a little bit time to pre heat but the heat retention system makes your cooking more efficient. It is induction friendly as well. This non stick cookware is now available at every store of Roxx World at affordable prices staring from Rupees 670.


  • Pinnacle Die Cast Non Stick Cookware:  Durability is one of the cardinal features of your modern kitchen. A cookware with both aesthetic finish and durable material makes your cookery even smarter. Pinnacle Die Cast Non Stick Cookware is made of Aluminum Alloy (Aluminum + Silicon + Zinc + Magnesium) and the life of its non stick coating is very high. It has numerous bubbles which preserves heat better. Thermal efficiency of this cookware makes your cooking comfortable. This heavy weight cookware has a small handle so well merged with its body that it improves the aesthetic beauty of the product is now available at every ROXX World Stores staring from Rupees 2695.


  • Endura Concord Series Forged Aluminum Non Stick Cookware: Picking right stuffs for your kitchen is not so easy when you have so many options out there. But best is the best. Roxx Stylocook presents Forged Aluminum Cookware from Endura Concord Series which is tough and light weight at the same time. It is manufactured under a process called Forging where metal is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure to produce high strength cookware. Forging process ensures higher bonding of induction plate. Well bonding of non stick coating makes this product durable. The metal friendly surface of this cookware is thicker than its wall which makes it moderate. This easy functional cookware is now available at every Roxx World at exciting prices staring from Rupees 1025.

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