The changing trends of New Year celebration

December is often a month to remember. It is a time of the year to make memories of festive celebrations: and also an opportunity to reflect on the year gone by. No doubt, the changing trends of celebration influence our Christmas rituals and family reunions along with welcoming the New Year in signature style. Today with stronger global connections and digital marketing platforms the “aura of New Year” is being subject to rapid changes, somehow leaving that human touch or warmth

Twenty years back New Year celebration was very different in Kolkata. With few pubs and eateries in the city of joy, the customized celebration was mostly indoor based. The unparallel relationship between Kolkata and live music did bring a different dimension to New Year celebration in that era. Be it Trincas or other places, people enjoyed the jazz ambience or hip hop songs. Many people relished the chill in winter vacation with picnics and visiting tourist spots. Nowadays, the scenario has changed altogether. The city has already welcomed hard rock cafe. DJs remain very busy and makeshift DJ nights have become so common. Even today, families do make it a point to visit Alipur Zoo or Nature Park or other places of entertainment to relish and enjoy in true festive mood. Game parlours have become so common with young kids getting so engrossed in real time environment. With improved transport and communication, Digha, Mandarmani have become popular destination along with host of other places. The rise of club culture in the city has also highlighted the era of customized New Year celebration where popular artists and bands enthrall the audience in an atmosphere of joyful environment. Various cafés and restaurants too bring up special menu – garnering huge attendance, bringing all foodies together under one umbrella.

Although the city has changed itself with the concrete aura of skyscrapers and flyovers, Kolkata has renewed hope and zeal over its age old culture and ecstasy. Even though every New Year has become an occasion to celebrate digitally in all social media platforms, Kolkata has not lost its Midas touch to age old traditions. Be it ST. Paul’s Cathedral or Dakshineswar Temple or the Indian Museum or even numerous festivals all over the city, New Year ushers in traditional moments of togetherness which is indeed surreal considering the rapid changes people are witnessing today.

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